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An CG should b pomd pitinitiating thapy with amitiptylin txclud long QT syndom.

Tatmnt with amitiptylin may b institutd 14 days at discontinuation ivsibl non-slctiv MAOIs and minimum on day at discontinuation th vsibl moclobmid. Tatmnt with MAOIs may b intoducd 14 days at discontinuation amitiptylin.

7. Patncy th aiway is maintaind by intubation, wh quid. Tatmnt in spiatis advisd tpvnt a possibl spiatoy ast. Continuous CG-monitoing cadiac unction 3-5 days. Tatmnt th ollowing will b dcidd on a cas by cas basis:

I you stop amitiptylin, it may tak wks somtims months th pain ttun. I th pain dos com back you should stat th amitiptylin again. Som womn choos tus low doss amitiptylin shot piods a w wks sduing tims whn thi pain is a poblm. Oth popl stay on th sam dos long tm.

Amitiptylin may caus sid cts. Tll you docti any ths symptoms a sv dnot gaway:

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